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AlphaConnect x Cadet College, Hasanabdal

12 Sept 2022

Raising HSE awareness in Educational Institutes

Educational institutions play a crucial role in developing attitudes and behaviors of young minds early on in their life. Introducing the institute’s staff and students to the importance of Health, Safety and Environment at an early stage hones their mind to recognize, always manage and mitigate risks. Just as the physical safety of children in schools is important to ensure complete student safety, so too is their psychosocial safety. By engaging experienced resource, students are given awareness on developing Life skills to help manage symptoms of depression, dissociative reactions, feelings of helplessness, lack of emotional intelligence, and aggression. Schools must provide the right ambience to develop and enrich talents to facilitate the total development of a child’s personality.

To raise awareness on the importance of HSE, during second week of September 2022, CCH has become the leading educational institution to initiate development of HSE management system for the institution by engaging Muhammad Asim Butt, Managing Partner M/s Alpha Connect Private Limited (Abdalian from 25th Entry), who specializes in developing and implementing such elaborative HSE systems for educational institutions, Oil & Gas Sector & manufacturing industry. Awareness session on developing Life skills was also conducted which is very essential for students of this age group. Students were involved in different activities and exercises to enhance communication, team work, time management etc. A separate session was conducted for the Faculty and Staff on the importance of Health, Safety & Environment to make their workplace safe.

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