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AlphaConnect x Sheikh Ayaz University, Shikarpur

20 Jun 2022

Team Building Workshop with HSE Theme for students and faculty

Building the Nation & serving the humanity in remote are of Sindh, an HSE awareness session followed by Team Building activities with HSE theme was conducted by Muhammad Asim Butt Managing Partner AlphaConnect Pvt Ltd for the students and staff members of The Sheikh Ayaz University Shikarpur on June 21-22, 2022. This was first ever such awareness session experienced by the Youth of Interior Sindh including female students which was only possible with the commitment of Dr Raza Bhatti Vice Chancellor of the University. His efforts and vision to establish and revive such a campus with latest state of the art facilities for students in such a remote area are commendable.

Students were seen passionately engaged in activities and mesmerized by their learning capabilities in the environment created for them. We observed myriad responses in their brains making connections by focusing, involving, cooperating, and communicating with each other to execute an activity, empowering them to feel in control of their own learning experience. I learnt through this experience that all the Higher Education Institutions across the country must have such interventions related to HSE for students and staff. It will inculcate the sense of responsibility among the youth as good citizens who are the future generations/leaders.

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