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We bring the best expertise, innovation and with cutting edge technologies services based on client demands, new trends and management of change in the areas of Industrial Health, Occupational Safety, Environment, Sustainability and Environment Social Governance (ESG). We establish interactions with our associate companies and share our experience and expertise to ensure better delivery to our stakeholders.


Stakeholders are facing consistent challenges during compliance obligations and management of general employee health and safety arising out of operating companies. To address those challenges multiple initiatives, programs, campaigns are undertaken to effectively implement Health & Safety regulations, policies and guidelines to proactively safeguard the employees, contractors and customers. Paving our way through our experience & expertise, we develop and change the Health & Safety culture from basic compliance to best in class performance overcoming logistical challenges and unnecessary costs.


Our environmental experts for the past 15 years have been working with multinational clients in different sectors advising them to manage their environmental risks from planning stage, acquisition of new facilities, construction, operations, and decommissioning of assets. Now a days all industries are facing critical sustainability challenges with decline in resources with impact of Pandemic, we support our clients with new innovations and techniques to sustain their businesses and make a positive impact on our society by implementing cost-effective and impactful environmental strategies. We provide guidance on all areas such as routine activities like environmental compliance audits, air, water, and waste management environmental risk assessments (IEE/EIA), data collection and reporting.


Most of the organizations outsource their work to contractors, therefore, managing contractors in our region is biggest challenge faced by organizations. Our team has special expertise in following areas:

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We help our clients to ensure that they manage the security of their people and assets in such a manner that they are not exposed to external threats. This includes physical security as well as information security. We suggest multiple options to our clients by using cutting edge technologies for ensure Assets and people security.


Training was very effective and informative and will be useful in professional and practical life aswell.

Mahapara Anjum

EHS Officer at Interloop

Team Building Workshop  |  14-15 June, 2022  |  Whispering Pines


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