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Occupational Health & Safety

Stakeholders are facing consistent challenges during compliance obligations and management of general employee health and safety arising out of operating companies. To address those challenges multiple initiatives, programs, campaigns are undertaken to effectively implement Health & Safety regulations, policies and guidelines to proactively safeguard the employees, contractors and customers. Paving our way through our experience & expertise, we develop and change the Health & Safety culture from basic compliance to best in class performance overcoming logistical challenges and unnecessary costs.

Our stakeholders are greeted with local Health & Safety professionals that speak the local language, can understand local regulations, and ensure enforcement of H & S policies cost effectively. We offer customized health & safety strategies to meet our client’s unique goals and objectives. Pandemic planning, emergency response, ergonomics assessments, incident prevention programs, industrial hygiene initiatives for any organization and facilities we offer customized approaches to address health and safety needs.

We provide:

Workplace Safety

Workplace safety implies how companies improve the working environment and encompasses all factors that impact the safety, health, and well-being of all stakeholders involved. This may include environmental hazards, unsafe working conditions, drug and alcohol abuse, and lack of awareness on safety. We focus on achieving two goals: 1) Improvement in health and safety for all employees 2) Change culture through awareness of all stakeholders on Health & Safety, and increased commitment by employer and its involvement in safety and health. Our team identifies business needs and range of contracting options. We then integrate best industry practices into your organization’s management system to ensure business continuity. ​ Workplace safety programs can take many forms and cover many potential areas of concern. The sorts of actions taken by companies to maximize the safety of the work environment that they create are varied and include: o Providing for personal safety equipment o Installing equipment controls o Creating and disseminating operational manuals o Establishing and enforcing hazardous materials handling policies o Adopting a drug and alcohol testing program o Offering employee counseling services o Implementing safety training programs.

Risk Management

Every organization faces the risk of unexpected events that can cost the company money or cause it to permanently shut down. Our experts allow organizations to manage their Risks and prepare for the unexpected by minimizing extra costs before they happen. These threats including financial uncertainty, legal liabilities, poor contractor selection, natural disasters, lack of planning, project team, poor human resource, lack of technical capabilities and many others can cause delays in project deliverability and business disruption. We help our clients to understand and control these risks enabling them to be more confident in their business decisions. After the implementation of risk management process, we help the clients is suggesting several different strategies to mitigate these risks such as, Risk avoidance, Risk reduction, Risk sharing and Risk retaining.

Industrial Hygiene Programs

Organizations must ensure overall health and safety of the workers they employ, from front line workers to the executive at their desks. This requires awareness of industrial hygiene principles to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, communicate, and control of environmental related stressors in the workplace that may result in illness, injury, impairment etc which may otherwise affect the wellbeing of workers and community around. Our Experts ensure that planning processes in an organization can identify potential health & hygiene issues before they escalate at an early stage in line with industrial hygiene principles. You can manage your company’s exposure to potential risk and liability and ensure the health and safety of your stakeholders. The acceptable indoor air quality or chemical exposure levels at your facilities must meet the minimum standards. In addition, exposures such as: noise, asbestos, particles, radiation, and risks associated with respiratory protection programs must be monitored for the safety of workforce.

Data Analysis & Trending

It is crucial for the management to not only understand your company’s data regarding incidents but to also make sure it’s integrated and useful for setting the objectives and targets every year. We work with you to turn data into trends for better understanding and actionable information. You can lose out on efficiencies and cost, start having compliance issues with increase in incidents if the data is not analyzed comprehensively and integrated into the management system for decision making in order to protect the health & safety of all stakeholders.

Inspection & Assurance

We specialized in conducting health, safety & environment (HSE), sustainability & regulatory compliance assurances. All of our auditors are experienced and are trained to a client’s unique expectations for the assurance program. Several project reviews, integrated management system audits, Inspection of equipment, vehicles, buildings, production facilities with focus on protection of people, assets, environment & reputation have been conducted by our experts to give reliability and availability assurance to the clients.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulations are made to protect someone or something, whether it be employees, consumers, the public at large, or the integrity of business processes. Our experts shall guide the clients on overseeing on several primary areas, including the following: · Establishing and implementing controls at organizations · Keeping abreast of and assessing how organizations are complying with laws and regulations · Identifying and remediating areas where organizations are not complying · Providing ways for organizations to report on their compliance with laws and regulations ​ We also guide clients on wide range of regulations that apply to employment and the workplace. These regulations concern the following aspects of your business: · Employee discipline and termination · Hiring practices · Harassment, intimidation, or other offensive acts · Discriminatory hiring or unfair employment practices · Wages and hours · Work environment · Workplace safety · Recruitment and retention of employees

Operational Excellence

Through our experts we integrate best industry practices into the management system at the workplace to address issues through teamwork and leadership support that results in the continuous improvement in an organization. We focus on all stakeholders involved, keeping the employees positive and empowered, with improved processes in the workplace. We help clients to manage their business and processes systematically and develop the right culture in their organization to protect people, assets, the environment and reputation.

Emergency Management Programs & Trainings

Having effective emergency response programs in place helps assure the safety of all stakeholders and keeps you in business. Through trainings & drills protection of people, assets, and swift recovery following a disaster is ensured no matter where your facilities are located. Our experts work with your team to address local regulations, prepare for different emergency scenarios most likely to occur at a given location, coordinate awareness on evacuation drills, and ensure effective means of communication during an event.

Building Safety & Construction Support

Experts are providing all kinds of support to assess building structure safety with identification of all legal requirements to cater for emergencies such as fire and evacuation. Construction projects have inherent risk which impacts the safety of workers and the surrounding community and sometimes can result in deadly consequences to not only the workers at the site, but also to the neighboring properties and community. This is usually an area of concern for organizations. Our safety experts understand the construction risks and can assist clients to manage their projects. Selection of the contractors is the key to control risks when a construction project begins with an oversight during the project execution and a safe transfer at the end.

Incident Prevention & Investigations Program

Prevention of incidents and injuries can only be achieved in the best possible way if we learn from past events, near misses and unsafe acts/conditions. Organizations who emphasize on investigating high potential near misses and give importance to timely reporting of incidents with open culture tend to reduce number of incidents every year by implementing administrative & engineering controls to eliminate risk of a repeat event. We offer a robust program for incident prevention which initiates with open reporting mechanisms, investigation, data analysis and follow up, this ensures effective claim management, and ensures that employees return to work timely.

Pandemic Planning & Response

Effective business continuity plans can help organizations manage the impacts of a pandemic on the business as well as meet legal obligations to staff to ensure their good health & safety. Well thought measures if taken proactively can limit the spread of viruses that can lead to a catastrophe. Senior management can do their part by understanding guidelines and best practices as well as continuing to evaluate and update their pandemic response plans. Effective strategies can help your organization stay in business, minimize the financial impact of a pandemic, and most importantly protect the health of your employees and the local community. Our experts have experience in handling such emergencies and can assist organizations to manage pandemic and prepare Pandemic management plans according to the circumstance for a particular location.

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